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PS GPE 180 342730 Momentary up/down program selector switch. Features a micro-housing that plugs directly into the Hexpander Pre-amp? no soldering required! Provides convenient program change functionality for your MID
PS GPE 044 342734 Hexpander pre-amp. The Hexpander Pre-amp provides MIDI/Virtual compatible output and features a proprietary harmonic dampening system that results in tracking that is unequalled by any other system on
PS GPE 111 342719 QuickSwitch. The QuickSwitch Assembly provides quick and convenient switching between magnetic pickup, acoustic pickup and blended sounds.
PS GPE 106 342720 Mid/Dark Switch. The signal from the Mid/Dark output boosts the mids, lowers the highs and lows, and produces a new tone. The Mid/Dark Switch allows you to switch instantly between the F.A.A.S. and an
PS GPE 206 342721 Mid/Dark Push/Push Volume Pot. Combines the features of the Mid/Dark switch and Volume Pot into one convenient Push/Push Volume Potentiometer.
PS GPE 400 342715 Passive Volume Kit. Required if using the F.A.A.S Pickup Saddles without the Acousti-Cell Pro Pre-amp. Includes stereo jack, volume potentiometer, resistor and teflon cable.
PS GPE 024 342718 Pro Guitar Pre-amp and Installation Assembly. The Acousti-Cell Pro Pre-amp is an integral part of the F.A.A.S. sound and provides an interface to an amp or recording/sound reinforcement console. "Inte
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